You would think that with summer being here and with me having nothing to do I’d be blogging all the time.

Not exactly. My younger sister’s been hijacking the internet connection and my mom’s been drugging me.

I kid you not.

My mom’s been making me take these appetite boosters. Seriously. Her life’s mission is to fatten me up.

Net effect is I’ve either been sleeping nonstop or scrounging the ref in a drug-induced frantically ravenous haze. It’s terrible. I’m either infront of the TV trying desperately to keep myself awake or in the kitchen, stuffing myself before I go right back to bed again. I knew it had to stop when I found myself sleeping on the floor earlier. I had gotten up from the couch and sat myself down infront of the magazine stack in the living room with the intent of choosing one to browse through when the lethargy just threatened to overwhelm me. My limbs actually felt too heavy to lift and I barely managed to pull down some cushions from the couch before I drifted off again. When I woke up, my 6-year-old godson was telling everyone authoritatively that I had fallen off the couch and was asleep on the floor.

My mom’s in despair though, I still show no signs of added poundage. Haha. Hasn’t she learned anything after years of raising me? I NEVER go beyond 100 pounds. EVER.

Besides, up until a few years ago she could still fit into some of my clothes. It’s genetic!

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